Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Ontario Catholic leadership meekly accepts Wynne Sex-ed while 70,000+ citizens oppose it

Cardinal Collins reaction to media over public introduction of sex-ed program details
While tens of thousands of Ontario parents are opposing the Liberal government’s updated sex-ed curriculum, the Archdiocese of Toronto headed by Cardinal Thomas Collins has stated that schools have a “responsibility to teach the curriculum set out by the Ministry of Education.” It has also been revealed that a Catholic organization in the Archdiocese has been involved in the development of the program by providing “feedback and advice.” These Catholic establishment reactions are in stark contrast to the January 31 statement of Ottawa Archbishop Terrance Prendergast regarding the program.

Education Minister Liz Sandals told LifeSiteNews in a Toronto press conference at the sex-ed’s unveiling this week that the controversial Institute of Catholic Education (ICE), established by the Bishops of Ontario in 1986, is standing firmly behind the update.

“Right from the beginning of that conversation the Institute of Catholic Education, which has all the Catholic education stakeholders, has been involved in the conversation, right from the very beginning,” she said.  (more...)

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