Monday, February 23, 2015

Ontario's sex education editon 2015: parents and teachers should reject it

Premier Kathleen Wynne didn't run an election campaign on the issue and wasn't elected to pass the revised 2015 revised Physical and Health Education curriculum that was dropped by the former leader Dalton McGuinty. It was shelved in 2010 because parents complained the sex education contents were too age-inappropriate and explicit. The latest version is just as misguided and potentially dangerous to the well being of children. And the deceptive push continues: we need to update the sex education curriculum because things have changed since 1998. You will hear that the old curriculum is out of date and that the sky is falling down. Only the Liberals can deliver us from that "outdated" sexual information. It's all politics and dangerous politics for children. For babies come into the world today the same way they did in 1998 and in 1898 and any time before that. This is just a political agenda to deliver a promise that Wynne made to the LGTB community for a full promotion and acceptance of their lifestyle in our schools.  (more...)

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