Friday, February 20, 2015

Ontario’s sex ed architect admits he asked a mom to ‘sexually assault her child for him’: leaked letter

Former Deputy Minister of Education Dr. Benjamin Levin (L)
TORONTO, February 19, 2015 ( – In a letter seeking support from his friends, leaked to media this week, accused child pornographer Benjamin Levin admits that he asked a mother “to sexually assault her child for him.”

The letter provides the first comments the public has heard from Levin since his July 2013 arrest on child sex charges.

As deputy minister of education under Premier Kathleen Wynne when she was minister of education, Levin was the top bureaucrat in the department as the government developed the controversial sex ed curriculum that critics believe prematurely sexualizes children.

Levin wrote in his leaked letter that he intends to plead guilty on March 3 to three of the seven charges, and asked that “friends and colleagues” consider writing a reference letter for him to the court.  (more...)

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