Friday, June 24, 2016

Readit 'n Weep: Momma's Boy's Sodomitical Initiation Into NuChurch

Until recently, Toronto Catholic District School Board chair Angela Kennedy was one of the more prominent opponents of Ontario’s new sex ed curriculum. She even led an unsuccessful campaign to put off introducing the new material for a year. Then her 30-year-old son Brian, who happens to be a teacher, revealed that he had been sexually abused as a child and asked his mom to reconsider her position. Last week, she made it known publicly that she now supports the new lesson plan. We spoke with her about the importance of proper names for private parts and how it’s possible to be a Catholic and a sex ed crusader at the same time.

Until very recently, you were one of the more vocal opponents of the Ontario government’s new sex-ed curriculum. And then you learned your son Brian was a victim of childhood sexual assault. Can you describe the day you found out and how that changed your stance?  (more...)


We're sure that Angela's gotten over her conflict-of-interest problems, and that this has nothing to do with her political ambitions in the gayified Progressive Conservate Party.

Don't expect any questions coming from Neo-Catholic 5th columners. They're too preoccupied fighting their crypto-fascist war against those homophobic Mooslims over there, somewhere.

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