Sunday, June 12, 2016

Lord of the Rings Star Blasts the Devils of Hollywood

Fellowship of the Kooks
Question: When do we traditional Catholics return to the principled countercultural war in which our parents were engaged 40 years ago, and which was rooted in total opposition to the Christophobic sludge being pumped from the sewers of hell by the entertainment industry headquartered in Hollywood, California?

Whatever happened to the culture war? I remember when the SSPX, for example, was hated by the Neo-Catholics as much because of their general position on rock music, modesty, television and the movie industry as for their so-called "schism". The SSPX was full of 'kooks', remember? Traditionalists in general were 'kooks' because they weren't afraid to act on what they knew to be true and on what is being everywhere confirmed these days by the sick world around us, as well as by the testimony of courageous survivors such as Elijah Wood.

When did we become so cool, so sophisticated, so 'with it' that we didn't want to be associated with the 'kooks' who insisted that Hollywood was full of perverts and pedophiles, the pop music industry was dominated by atheists and Satanists, and televisions were best employed as targets at the rifle range?  (more...)


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