Wednesday, June 22, 2016

St. John's Ambulance Nightmare: The Paedophiles in Your Community

Our names are Dave and Margaret. We have been married over 35 years now and are loving, capable, and dedicated parents for whom our family is top priority. Alarmingly, one day we discovered that adult men were having group sex with our 14-year old daughter, so we asked police to prosecute as significant sexual crimes had been committed. New Zealand Police informed us that they could only prosecute the men under instruction from social services (CYF), so following their advice we reported the matter to social services. Our family had no previous dealings with social services, and were surprised that police would not act directly on our reporting serious child sex crimes.

Initially, social services were very supportive of us as parents – they said we were doing all the right things under challenging circumstances. We agreed to their suggestion to send our daughter to counselling as we expected that counsellors would reinforce the message we were giving our daughter that she was putting herself in a very dangerous position with the child sex gang. Three men, all employees of St John Ambulance, had embarked on a gang sex crime spree of grooming and underage sex. Police soon discovered that our child was only one of 5 underage victims of the gang. Three adult men, employees of St John Ambulance, were arrested and criminally charged.

Unfortunately for our daughter and for our family, the CYF counsellor took a very surprising position, deciding that our 14-year old child should be removed from our home so that she could continue to explore her sexuality with the adult men, unimpeded from family influence. The counsellors determined that as parents we had no right to protect our child from sex criminals...

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