Tuesday, June 14, 2016

WRDSB trustees decry disrespect, 'toxic working environment'

Are elected trustees with the Waterloo District School Board putting personal politics and self-interest ahead of working together for the good of the system?

They sure seem to think so.

In a recent survey, trustees were asked a variety of questions about their relationships with each other, board administration and other education stakeholders.

Board members were given a variety of statements, and asked to assign them scores between 1, meaning they strongly disagree with the statement, and 4, meaning they strongly agree with it.

On one of the statements – “There is a productive working relationship within the Board (characterized by good communication and mutual respect” – seven of 10 trustees marked 1. Two others marked a 2. One trustee did not respond to the survey at all.  (more...)

School boards have become obsolete. Homeschool.

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