Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Msgr. Vincent Foy: Tax dollars should not fund physician assisted suicide-murder!

After six months in the Scarborough General Hospital on a feeding tube in 2009, I was accepted into Cardinal Ambrozic Houses of Providence and moved in there in January 2010.  At SGH, I had a fractured hip repair surgery, followed by complications which led to peritonitis, being on and off life support, a colostomy, hernia repair surgery, a tracheotomy and swallowing difficulties leading to having feeding tubes through my nose later surgically inserted into my stomach. During my stay at SGH, I contracted MRSA and was kept in total isolation. Besides full reversals of my tracheotomy and feeding tube, I was also later cured of MRSA without drugs or supernaturally. Many thanks to God, Our Lady and all the Saints and Angels who helped me, all who prayed for my recovery, and the SGH for all the care I received during my stay.

As I just celebrated my 77th ordination anniversary on June 3, 2016 and happily approach my 101st birthday, I object to and it is wrong that our tax dollars here will now be paying for murder-suicide through “medically assisted death service”, as announced yesterday by Ontario Liberal premiere Kathleen Wynne and Ontario Minister of Health and Long Term Care Eric Hoskins.  (more...)

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