Tuesday, June 7, 2016

To pay court fees, male defendants say Arkansas judge gave them money for nude pictures, spankings

WYNNE, Ark. — For many male defendants in Judge Joseph Boeckmann’s courtroom, the initial deal seemed simple enough: the judge would approach them after court, either himself or through a bailiff, and offer a way out of traffic or court fines.

His instructions were to gather some cans and bring them to his house or another location. Then he asked the defendants to take off their shirts, pretend to be picking up trash and let the judge take a few photos of them bending over to prove they had performed community service.

Sometimes, the men told investigators, the encounters went further. The judge might tell them to spread their legs a little. He might touch their buttocks a little. He might offer them a drink. Then the fines would disappear.

Now dozens of the defendants have accused Boeckmann of sexual abuse and misconduct, saying the small-town judge paid them to allow him to spank their naked buttocks with a paddle and to take photos of the red skin. Others said they posed nude in exchange for money to pay off court fines.  (more...)

Go, Razorbacks!

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