Friday, June 10, 2016

Is any childhood sexual abuse punishment ever enough?

Gordon Stuckless was sentenced Thursday to six and a half years for assaulting 18 boys.

He was previously sentenced to five years for assaulting 24 boys. He was also convicted on two other occasions. In total, Stuckless has been convicted of assaulting 51 boys, some as many as 75 times.

One wonders whether this is only the tip of the iceberg. Likely it is. It is very difficult for survivors of childhood sexual abuse to come forward, and many take their stories to their graves. However, the sentence must reflect the crime, not speculation about how many others are out there.

There will likely be much criticism about the sentence. Unfortunately, however, it is not out of line with other cases. It is not uncommon to see a sentence of two or three years in cases involving sexual abuse of children. Where there are multiple children abused, we often sentences in the range of three or four years.  (more...)


Hey, where's the problem?

Boys will be toys

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