Monday, June 6, 2016

Masonic Snakes in Catholic Education

Regarding Catholic schools accepting the national Common Core curriculum, I am afraid we will have to understand that the Catholic Bishops are part of it...willingly part of it. I don't like to say that, but the Bishops are not stupid. They are following directives from the Vatican that is up to its eyeballs in Masonic snakes.

That criticism does not mean that I am not a solid, believing traditional Catholic. Perhaps the deceit I have seen in American public education, and how good teachers have been lied to, how the whole community and nation has been lied to, has made me into a skeptic and a cynic regarding what is going on.

The changes in education began a bit prior to Vatican II in the very early sixties. Vatican II and American public education went down the same ungodly New Age humanistic path to Liberation theology, Liberation education, Liberation sex, Liberation drugs and alcohol, Liberation marriage and family values, Liberation U.S. Constitutional system, Liberation you-name-it.  (more...)

Charlotte Iserbyt's analyses are critical in understanding that the left/right dichotomy is misdirection and that destruction of the education system comes from all political quarters.

 The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

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