Friday, June 10, 2016

Panama Papers: The Regina Connection -- Tony Merchant named, but what does it mean?

The Panama Papers were branded as an important exposé on around 320,000 tax-evading, wealthy individuals. It was supposed to expose the corrupt practices of the rich and lead to public outrage. But what has the release of Panama Papers actually led to?

Since its publication, the papers have revealed world leaders, actors, and Regina-born lawyer Tony Merchant held offshore accounts in Panama.

But, other than a few news stories, there has been no big splash predicted when the story first broke. Why? The answer may lie in the form of the leak.

The Panama Papers were released as metadata. Metadata refers to large amounts of data that is compiled and published as raw data for everyone to view. The problem is, although everyone can view it, “the sheer size of the raw data means that much is uninteresting and finding the important information is a daunting task,” says Michael B. Twidale of the University of Illinois.  (more...)

A deeper, if more humorous, look:

Yo ho ho!

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