Friday, June 24, 2016

Media acclimatizing us to pedophilia

While we don’t personally know the famous men unmasked in recent months as pedophiles, we all know someone a bit like them. And now we won’t be letting our children have sleepovers at their friends’ houses.

The ranks of A-list pedophiles – men whose number includes Rolf Harris, Jimmy Savile, Gary Glitter, and Cyril Smith – continue to swell. The patron saint of youth and transatlantic English, Cliff Richard, was not charged, but his reputation will always be tainted, while Leon Brittan was rescued by a system which wishes it to be known that it protects its own.

Now the late Clement Freud – grandson of Sigmund Freud – has joined the club. Clement Freud was a Liberal MP known also as a chef and radio personality in the UK.

When I look at the media, I do not consider individual stories so much as editorial tendencies. You can always find something to direct the public’s nose at, so my attitude is: why this, and why now?

The stock answer that financial considerations drive editorial policy simply doesn’t cut it. There are a hundred subjects out there, any one of which makes Watergate look tame, but mainstream media won’t even cough in their direction.

The mass media sits on evident and glaring topics and never so much as takes a peep. It marches in lockstep and brands as evil or mad anyone who dares question orthodoxy on – for example – the industrial spraying of the skies, ‘global warming’, the legitimacy of taxation, or a production line of ‘events’ all of which magically give governments leverage to sacrifice what little remains of individual rights to the god of a greater good which they define.

In the case of child abuse, the facts show that Freud – along with all the other pedophiles – didn’t start abusing children last week. It has been happening forever. It has been covered up forever. So why the big interest now?   (more...)

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