Thursday, June 30, 2016

‘It has mentally destroyed me’: victim after Alberta teacher sentenced for child sex crimes

A judge sentenced a former teacher at an elementary school in Raymond, Alta. to 12 years in jail for sexual assault and child pornography on Thursday.

Jamey Kristian, 39, had earlier pleaded guilty to sexual assault, sexual interference and child pornography offences involving young boys. Court heard how Kristian photographed some of his victims in changing rooms at Lethbridge swimming pools.

“It would not matter how much time he got,” a 20-year-old former victim whom Global News is not identifying, said after the sentence was handed out. “It won’t help me out any better (than) even if he got three to four years.

” It has mentally destroyed me,” he said. “It’s the basic truth. As much as I would have liked to avoid it all, it was something that could not have been avoided.”  (more...)

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