Friday, June 10, 2016

Montreal mob most powerful in world: hit man

A veteran American Mafia soldier and former hit man says Montreal's mobsters are by far the most significant gangsters in the world -- outpacing the notorious Five Families of New York that became synonymous with sophisticated crime.

"There is no contest," said Salvatore "Big Sal" Miciotta, who is infamous for his role in a shooting that targeted the makers of the classic pornographic film Deep Throat but killed a former nun by mistake.

"You have the most sophisticated group, the most lethal, the most powerful group in the world," Miciotta said of the Montreal-based Mafia in an interview to be aired tomorrow on CBC Television.

"All the guys in Brooklyn are nickel-and-dime guys. In Montreal, you have guys [bringing in] 400 kilos, 500 kilos," Miciotta said, adding New York's mobsters have to work a decade to earn what the Montreal Mafia makes in just one year.  (more...)

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