Friday, June 10, 2016

Assisted Suicide and the Easy "E's": Eugenics, Euthanasia and Extermination

 War Against the Weak
With technological advances leading some analysts to conclude that the future will feature a largely  “employment-free” world, the concept of a “universal basic income” has taken hold in some circles. Concluding that all people will be given a “workable” sum with which to live, adherents of the concept envision a quasi-utopian world.

We fear the development of something far more dystopic. With the continued popularity of the austerity agenda, despite strong evidence that it is counter-productive, we fear that a largely “employment-free” environment will lead to the elimination of human beings seen as “superfluous.”

The Third Reich’s extermination programs have been popularly viewed as aberration, an occurrence that was separate from “normal” political and historical events. This is not the case. Murderous Nazi racial and social policy were the outgrowth of mainstream intellec­tual trends that are very much with us today.  (more...)

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