Monday, June 27, 2016

Peter Martin Ebel – Prolific International Child Abuser

Peter Martin Ebel was a serial child abuser whose most frequently used aliases were Ed Scott and Alan Scott but he has also used a number of aliases for his books – Reynolds Locke, Edward Alan Scott, Ed Scott and James Congdon. He also poses as a Doctor or educator. He was born in the US about 1959, the son of the Vice President of Marketing of US Corporation General Foods during the 1950′ and 1960’s.

He is currently, finally, in jail in the US. He had travelled extensively and may have left a huge trail of victims over Europe including England, France, Malta, Ireland and Albania as well as Libya in North Africa, and probably 14 or 15 other countries including of course the United States.

He has chosen many boys aged 11-16, and obtained valium and codeine on bogus prescriptions. He is American but apparently can do an excellent upper crust British accent. He comes across as very likeable and children gravitate to him easily.

Inspired by Leonid Kamaneff and his “schools on boats” project “L’Ecole en Bateau”  Ebel set up two flight schools for children, SkyBlazers and CloudChasers. He  arranged flight training programs for kids 12 and over.

Kameneff also was an abuser of children for many years but was finally sentenced to 12 years prison in 2013.  There were three boats, the “Karrek Ven” a fishing vessel, the “Paladin” and “Bilbo”. I have included some information about Kameneff in Appendix 1 after the timeline on Ebel.

When did Ebel meet Kameneff? Did Ebel sail on Kameneffs boats?  (more...)


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