Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Homofascist Who Loved Me: Peter Thiel Becomes a Trump Delegate

Guess which Silicon Valley billionaire just ended up on the list released by California’s secretary of state of the Trump campaign’s list of selected GOP convention delegates. Hint:  He really, really likes Ted Cruz.  And called Trump “symptomatic of everything that is wrong with New York City,” back in 2014.  But is apparently totally fine with Trump now.

“. . . . Peter Thiel, the billionaire PayPal co-founder, hedge-fund manager, and L.G.B.T.-rights advocate, is listed on the California ballot as a delegate for Trump at the upcoming Republican convention, according to a list of delegates submitted to California’s secretary of state by the front-runner’s campaign. He is listed as one of three representatives from California’s 12th congressional district. State election law dictates that delegates are selected by the candidates themselves, not the party, and the Trump campaign has been vetting potential delegates for several weeks. . . . ”

Yes, the guy who once penned a piece for Cato Unbound explaining why democracy and capitalism are incompatible now that women can vote is now a Trump delegate.

Recall that Thiel is the principal stockholder in both Facebook and Palantir (which, their disclaimers to the contrary notwithstanding, makes the PRISM software at the core of Snowden’s “revelations”)

He also funded most of Ron Paul’s 2012 Presidential super PAC.  (more...)


Bend over, Amerika.  The homofascisti are socially "progressive". No amount of lipstick can disquise their fifth column in the conservative movement. This is how fascism works; one reality for the elite, and another for the untermenschen. Hello, prolifeists! Anybody home!

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