Sunday, May 29, 2016

Reputed Montreal mobster, once linked to top boss Vito Rizzuto, gunned down

LAVAL, Que. — Exactly one decade ago, Rocco Sollecito was part of a group of six men who seemed untouchable.

The six had been chosen to take charge of the Mafia in Montreal while its leader, Vito Rizzuto, was incarcerated in the United States.

Now, following Sollecito’s brazen killing on Friday — in broad daylight and within sight of Laval police headquarters — only two of those six men remain alive and they both were recently returned to federal penitentiaries out of concerns for their safety.

Police sources say investigators have evidence that a man, described as being in his 30s and dressed entirely in black, was waiting at a city bus shelter and opened fire into the passenger-side window of Sollecito’s white BMW sport utility vehicle when it stopped at a stop sign at about 8:30 a.m. Several shots were fired into the vehicle and Sollecito, who was alone, was declared dead after being taken to a hospital.

The shooter appeared to know Sollecito’s morning routine, one source said, adding that, besides the shooter, investigators were also trying to track down the driver of a vehicle that moments after the shooting appeared to slow down as it approached Sollecito’s SUV and then continued in the same direction the shooter is believed to have fled on foot.  (more...)

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