Saturday, May 28, 2016

Conservative Meltdown: Yes to same-sex marriage

Homofascist traitors
VANCOUVER – Conservatives took the first step Friday toward adopting some sweeping changes to their policies and governance ­— including effectively recognizing same-sex marriage — and overwhelmingly rejected other contentious ones, including defeating an attempt to allow interim Leader Rona Ambrose to run in the leadership race.

Thousands of Conservative delegates gathered in Vancouver for the party’s national convention engaged in heated debate on economic, social and justice policies, the rules governing their party, and the powers that should be vested with the national leader.

Policy and constitutional resolutions passed by members at Friday’s breakout sessions must get the approval at the larger plenary session on Saturday before they can become official party policy.

In arguably the most heated debate of the day, delegates at the criminal justice and social policy session voted 279-143 to change the party’s definition of marriage — recognizing same-sex marriage.

The changes would delete parts of the current policy declaration that says the party supports legislation “defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman.”

It also would delete a section of party policy that says Parliament, through a free vote, and not the courts should determine the definition of marriage.  (more...)

Closet homos have infiltrated all "conservative" organizations -- including yours

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