Saturday, May 21, 2016

The harm done by Big Business worldwide is epic

One of the oldest documents in humanity is the Hammurabi Code, dating from 1754 BC. It contains no fewer than 282 laws. Such was the epidemic of anti-social behaviour by people engaged in commerce that the Babylonian king was obliged to engrave in stone his punishments for makers of shoddy goods, builders of homes that fell down, traders that cheated each other, and grain merchants who fixed prices in conspiracies against the public.

The punishments were harsh. They included execution, the severing of one’s hands, and fines that condemned a perpetrator to a lifetime of penury and disgrace.

So, looking at today’s police blotter of corporate crimes, proved and alleged, how are we doing 3,770 years later?

Hmm… Not so well.  (more...)


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