Sunday, May 15, 2016

Report reveals modern growth, breadth of child-sex trade

The annual Canadian Grand Prix weekend in Montreal was cited in a study of
sex trafficking as a key occasion for exploitation of girls.
The well-heeled businessman who will pay a premium price for a young girl whose virginity is still intact.

The predator who pre-books his assignation via Internet sites specializing in sex-tourism travel.

The pedophile masquerading as humanitarian aid worker, with unfettered access to marginalized children.

The oilpatch worker who avails himself of poor Aboriginal youth in remote locations.

The long-distance trucker, just passing through, who lures a homeless young girl to a way-station off the highway.

Men who would never be caught dead having sex with kids in the place where they live, don’t view themselves as sexual vultures. They’re the opportunists, one-off miscreants.

Men who meticulously arrange their trolling of juvenile flesh in exotic locales where police take little notice of sex crimes. These are the “preferential” officials who travel for the explicit purpose of having sex with children.

It takes all kinds, not just what once was considered the stereotypical purveyor of child sex. That’s the most glaring paradigm shift within the grotty hodgepodge of offenders responsible for a “drastic” international increase in the sexual exploitation of children in the travel and tourism sector, as documented in a report released Thursday by the non-government organization ECPAT International.(more...)

The Formula One world can be... interesting:

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