Saturday, May 14, 2016

First They Took Down The Vatican. Now, Everyone Else

SWIFT, the financial inter-banking system used by thousands of banks around the world has revealed that cyber-thieves have yet again stolen from a bank that is a part of the SWIFT network.

An undisclosed bank is the second known target of cybercriminals who are likely to have also been involved in the infamous Bangladesh bank heist which saw $81 million stolen from the bank’s NY Fed Reserve account.

A malware targeting a PDF reader that is routinely used by a bank to check its statement messages has been revealed as the cause for the second heist. The criminals are targeting banks that receive PDF reports of payment confirmations. When the malware is installed, it clones the functions of the actual PDF reader. When the user opens a PDF report, the malware manipulates the report to wipe any sign of a suspicious transaction.  (more...)


An old game, and a well-oiled machine:

A Panzer is no match for a banker:

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