Thursday, May 19, 2016

More than 100 Australian paedophiles have been caught travelling to Indonesia

More than 100 convicted Australian paedophiles have been caught travelling to Indonesia where wealthy sex offenders take advantage of poverty-stricken children.

Australia alerts Indonesia whenever a convicted paedophile travels there and since November 2014 more than 100 sex criminals have been turned away at the border, a leaked list reveals.

Indonesian police believe a huge number of paedophiles are slipping through the cracks and the problem is worse than the figures suggest, the ABC reported.

The list contains the names, passport numbers and travel details of each convicted sex offender stopped at the Indonesian border since November 2014.

Bali's police chief, Inspector General Sugeng Priyanto, compared the problem to an iceberg, saying the number of paedophiles caught was a mere fraction of the number already in the country.

He said: ‘These paedophilia cases have to be stopped. That's why the police are taking two steps.

‘First is prevention, the other is repressive. Prevention is done through a campaign about the dangers for the under-aged, the repressive is done through law enforcement.'  (more...)

A dump for the West's filth and garbage:

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