Thursday, May 19, 2016

Const. James Forcillo’s lawyer pushes for client’s version, one more time

There’s a line where a person just can’t take it anymore.

Sahar Bahadi, mother of shot-dead teen Sammy Yatim, crossed it on Wednesday morning.

That sent her sobbing out of the courtroom. From behind two sets of doors, the poor woman’s tortured screeches continued to be heard, like an animal in excruciating agony.

Through all the months of trial, the often-horrifying evidence, the countless replays of surveillance camera video — her flesh and blood on the footage in the final minutes of his life — Bahadi had remained a stoic observer.

How she managed, I don’t know. I never know how parents of dead children stand it.

It’s unclear exactly what made Bahadi flee court, what triggered a sudden upswell of hysteria.  (more...)

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