Thursday, May 12, 2016

Ghouls flock to Savile's grave: Fury as sickos turn paedo’s plot into a tourist spot

Honoured by the Knights of Malta
It has become a sick tourist attraction in the resort where the paedophile had a seafront apartment.

A taxi driver said: “They turn up on the train and get in my cab and say: ‘Can we go to see Jimmy Savile?”

“It’s all sorts of different people. I say I can take them there, but there’s not much to see because his headstone was smashed up and taken away to hide where he is.

“But they do seem to like to go to the cemetery. I show them where he is in Woodlands Cemetery then wait nearby.

“Usually, about 15 minutes later they jump back in and often ask to go straight back to the station.

“I don’t know whether they’re victims of Savile, weird fans, or crackpots. I don’t like to ask.”  (more...)

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