Monday, May 23, 2016

Fraud and corruption: 'Credit integrity' symptom of deeper problems at Ontario's offshore schools

Allegations of corruption and grade-fixing at an Ontario-accredited private school in Shanghai are symptoms of a deeper issue with the province's oversight of its offshore schools, according to parents at another troubled private school in Hong Kong.

A day after Premier Kathleen Wynne visited Shanghai on a November trade mission and posed for pictures with executives from the embattled Canadian International Academy, she was in Hong Kong where a photo-op of another sort materialized.

While visiting the Ontario-accredited Canadian International School in Hong Kong (CDNIS), Wynne was cornered by two of the school's former pupils, who handed her a stack of petitions pleading for the premier to intervene in a nasty dispute over the school's governance that has dragged on for months.

The Canadian International Academy (CIA) in Shanghai and CDNIS in Hong Kong are two of 21 offshore schools authorized to teach an Ontario curriculum, offering Ontario credits and a high school diploma, while catering primarily to wealthy, elite families with the goal of sending graduates to top universities in Canada.  (more...)

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