Sunday, May 15, 2016

Lux captured: The simple error that brought down the world's worst hurtcore paedophile

Matthew Graham has been jailed.
Police knew there was a house on the outer fringes of suburban Melbourne, in South Morang. A family home. Mother, father, son and daughter.

One of these people, they knew, was a hideous new breed of criminal dealing in awful child pornography and child abuse material online on a huge international scale. This was "hurtcore'', or sexual torture porn. The person in the everyday house was not making it, at least not yet, but administering it.

There were suspicions that, whoever it was – operating under layers of anonymity and encryption – might also be the notorious dark web enabler known only by his nickname Lux. But it was too soon to make that link, yet.

It had to be the father, police reckoned. He was a mechanic and panel beater aged in his 50s. The intelligence that Victoria Police's Astraea Taskforce collected from the FBI and Queensland's Taskforce Argos, world leaders in busting online paedophiles, was that the person of interest was devilishly smart. Argos has figured out the feed was from this house, in this quiet cul-de-sac. It must be someone with some life experience, they thought.

But Detective Senior Constable Christine Stafford – now a sergeant – had a hunch it was the son. Matthew Graham, not long out of school. Why? Because his online footprint was almost non-existent for a 21-year-old. The only glimpse of him was Facebook and his profile was shut tight. "There was nothing on him," she says. "I found that very odd."  (more...)

What is our education establishment breeding?

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