Saturday, April 16, 2016

Waldorf Academy parents 'scared to speak' about teacher charged with sexual assault

A Toronto private school that was warned about the alleged "inappropriate behaviour" of a teacher more than a year before he was charged with sex assaults has asked parents to sign a code of conduct that some say is silencing them, CBC News has learned.

The Waldorf Academy's "Parent/Guardian Code of Conduct," obtained by CBC News, asks signees to "disengage from communication with fellow parents that place blame" and "refrain from 'third party talk', i.e., the passing of information, hearsay and speculation."

"We feel scared to speak," said one parent who asked not to be named. "It's like [the school] is saying, 'be silent and accept whatever we say.'"

The story comes after a CBC Marketplace investigation into the handling of teacher discipline by provinces, which suggested decisions are often kept secret, can take years to resolve and that credentials are rarely revoked.  (more...)


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