Friday, April 22, 2016

Alberta teacher may lose teaching certificate after sex in closet with junior high student

In a written ruling released Wednesday, a professional conduct committee of the Alberta Teachers’ Association said former teacher Shane Cameron Mazutinec is guilty of unprofessional conduct for failing to treat a student with dignity and respect, and bringing dishonour to the teaching profession.

“Mazutinec cultivated a relationship with a demonstrably vulnerable student. He groomed this relationship with the student with the ultimate goal of sexually exploiting her and comfortable in his belief that any disclose of (the) same by her would likely be discredited,” wrote the conduct committee, made up of chairwoman Wendy Maltais, Bart Heine, and public member Lynne Davies.

The committee declared Mazutinec permanently ineligible for membership in the association, which would prevent him from teaching in any Alberta provincially run school. The committee also imposed a $10,000 fine and recommended Alberta’s education minister cancel his teaching certificate.  (more...)

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