Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Panama Papers and the Underground Reich

News in recent weeks has had much coverage of “The Panama Papers,” a massive leak of documents culled from the communications of a Panama-based law firm called Mossack Fonseca. Specializing in setting up fronts for the “offshoring” of great wealth in order to avoid taxation and, in some cases, scrutiny by governmental law-enforcement authorities, Mossack Fonseca’s history and operations are suggestive of possible involvement of the Underground Reich in the operations of the organization.

The very nature of the organization would make it useful to an intelligence service. The need for clandestine moving of funds, being able to track major manipulations of capital and tracking potential criminal activity are all functions of great utility to a major intelligence service.

Furthermore, we note the SS background of Erhard Mossack (father of Juergen Mossack, co-founder of the firm) and his probable recruitment by Western intelligence (CIA, Gehlen “Org,” and/or BND).

Beginning with analysis of Erhard Mossack, we highlight his apparent work with the Werewolf organization, a guerrilla organization put together in the fall of 1944 under the auspices of the SS.

” . . . . According to the Sueddeutsche [Zeitung], Erhard was captured by the Americans in Munich after the war with a list of Nazi ‘Werewolf’ members upon him. . . . .”

Otto Skorzeny
Ostensibly organized with an eye to militarily destabilizing the Allied occupation of Germany, the Werewolves actually played a role in the genesis of the Underground Reich. Elements of the Werewolves were utilized to facilitate a Northern escape route for Third Reich alumni, and were incorporated into Otto Skorzeny’s ODESSA network.

. . . . Another major ratline – “ODESSA North” – stretched through Denmark, Sweden and Norway, where an underground network of SS veterans and Werewolves smuggled Nazi renegades over land and sea until they were picked up by ships heading to Spain and Argentina. . . . . They key leg­men on the ground were personnel who had undergone Werewolf training toward the end of World War II. Skorzeny was instrumental in selecting and schooling the Werewolves, some of whom later resurfaced as ODESSA operatives in Scandinavia while Scarface orchestrated the escape of Nazis from detention camps. . . .  (more...)


Now, do I understand why certain Toronto pastors are partial to Filipinos? No claims are made about the occurrence of the names Golub and Fonseca in this story. Make your own.

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