Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Bolsheviks' Occult War

The Promethean (Luciferian) themes in this Bolshevik revolutionary propaganda poster are hard to miss.
Sami sorcerers and Buryat shamans, connoisseurs of cryptography and ancient poisons, hypnotists and psychics, telepaths and clairvoyants – who wasn’t brought in to work in the OGPU [Unified State Political Directorate] Special Department directed by one of Lenin’s closest colleagues, Gleb Bokii. The Special Department was consulted by luminary of Soviet psychiatry academic Vladimir Bekhterev, and one of its key officers was none other than the famed terrorist Yakov Blumkin, a favorite of Cheka head Felix Dzerzhinsky and the prototype of Maksim Isaev, Stierlitz. And Bokii himself possibly served as the prototype of another well-known personage – Bulgakov’s Woland. It was said that at the Chekist’s dacha events frequently took place akin to the ball described in Master and Margarita.

At the beginning of the Great Fatherland War [World War II], on Hitler’s personal orders, Abwehr agents searched for surviving officers of the NKVD’s Special Department, disbanded by that time, and offered fantastic money – 50,000 Reichsmarks to only answer in detail two or three dozen questions. In current evaluations that’s half a million dollars. That was the value accorded officers of Gleb Bokii’s Special Department!

Before the revolution Bokii had succeeded in making a career as a convicted bandit. Over 15 years he stood before the court 12 times, including for murders. But every time by some miracle he was able to escape, or he was acquitted and released. It’s notable that no small sums for bail were brought for the bandit Bokii at various times by the mystic and hypnotist Gurdjieff, medium and clairvoyant Pavel Mokievsky, and also the Tibetan healer Pyotr Badmaev, who treated Emperor Nicholas II’s family.  (more...)

The Bolshies took this up both ends of the political spectrum:

Interest in occult arcana was high all over my alma matter. It kept popping up like a whack-a-mole game. Could there have been moles at my school?

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