Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Boondogle: Catholic teachers get day off as sick-day ‘bonus’ backfires

Toronto’s Catholic elementary teachers took an average of 16 sick and “emergency” days off last year, which means almost all of them will qualify for a bonus day off — a perk that was actually intended as an incentive for good attendance, the Star has learned.

As part of the provincial deal between the Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association, the Ontario government and school boards, the extra day was a reward for teachers who were absent at least one day less than each board’s average.

In Toronto, in 2014-15, Catholic elementary teachers were entitled to 11 paid sick days and five paid personal/emergency days off, as well as short-term leave, according to documents obtained by the Star.

Overall, the average was 16 days, making the bonus available to everyone who took up to 15 days off during the school year, which one board insider called “just silly.”

In recent days, Education Minister Liz Sandals has faced mounting criticism over teachers’ increasing absences and also landed in hot water with the unions after suggesting sick days were on the rise because teachers can no longer bank them and cash out at retirement.  (more...)

Dodging the bullet:

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