Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Key Kincora witness 'won't testify at probe' claiming abuse inquiry will not have power to get to the truth

Roy Garland has claimed the Banbridge-based Hart Inquiry cannot find the answers for generations of victims who suffered abuse at Kincora Boys Home in east Belfast because it does not have the power to compel witnesses to give evidence.

Last week the High Court refused an application by a Kincora victim for a judicial review of Secretary of State Theresa Villier's decision not to include the former home in the more powerful UK-wide Goddard inquiry.

Mr Garland said the Historical Institutional Abuse inquiry (HIA) asked him to attend and he agreed on the premise it was a "serious inquiry". Now, after voicing disappointment at the refusal to include Kincora in the Goddard inquiry, Mr Garland said he will not give evidence to the HIA.

Mr Garland has claimed MI5 previously blocked attempts to uncover the truth around the extent of the abuse of young boys that took place at Kincora.  (more...)

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