Saturday, April 30, 2016

Conservatives headed toward social-policy meltdown over same-sex marriage stance

The leadership has made its position abundantly clear
OTTAWA — A social policy showdown could be in the works for next month’s Conservative party policy convention.

On one side: a bid to further entrench the party’s stand against same sex marriage with a resolution to protect “the rights of Canadian workers who believe in the traditional definition of marriage from employment discrimination on the basis of their deeply held religious beliefs.”

On the other: efforts to get the existing policy banning same sex marriage dropped altogether.

Supporters of both sides say the stakes are high as the party seeks to reinvigorate itself after last fall’s election defeat.
The party can’t afford to lose its base of social conservatives, said Jack Fonseca, program manger with Campaign Life Coalition, which recently published a list of six pro-life, pro-family resolutions it says will be debated at the convention in May including the same sex marriage one.

“It would be disastrous for the CPC to alienate its large social conservative base and tell them they don’t want them, don’t care about them and don’t care about their values,” Fonseca said.  (more...)

The slow-motion train wreck:

The cognitive dissonance of neo-Catholics invincible

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