Friday, April 29, 2016

Questions: Columbus Boys’ Camp -- Silvia's Site

The Basilian Fathers once staffed the now defunct Columbus Boy’s Camp in Orillia Ontario .  The camp became of interest to me personally when I read that the now deceased and “alleged” molester Father Leo Campbell csb, a Basilian, “ministered at the camp.”

When I discovered that the camp had been administered by the Basilian Fathers since its foundation in 1929, and given that I now know of three Canadian Basilians – Father Robert Whyte, William Hodgson Marshall and Leo Campbell – who have been publicly charged or accused I decided I should try to learn more.

My efforts to learn more about Columbus Boys’ Camp (CBC) are restricted at this time to what information I can find on the internet.  I have also received some information first hand.

The information online is sketchy and at times contradictory.  I have decided therefore to paste a series of CBC-related articles and/or bits of information with the corresponding links.

It seems that the Knights of Columbus funded and promoted the camp from its inception in 1929, but throughout those years the task of managing the camp and selecting camp counsellors and directors as well as providing spiritual direction was the domain of the Basilian Fathers.  (more...)

Read it and weep:

Can Toronto Knights speak to this?

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