Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Parents warned over innocent-looking symbols used by paedophiles to indicate their sexual preferences

From a colourful butterfly and an oddly-shaped spiral to a pink layered heart, they could be the scrawls of young children.

But these symbols are actually used by paedophiles to identify their sexual preferences to other predators on social media.

The innocent-looking logos 'distinguish' what gender and age of child the paedophiles are sexually attracted to, according to experts .

Seen on blogs and webcasts, they are accompanied by disturbing descriptions such as 'BoyLover', 'GirlLover' and 'LittleBoyLover'.

And the symbols aren't just limited to social media - with paedophiles having etched them into rings and pendants and even imprinted them on coins.

They have also been previously found on children's toys - to the horror of parents.  (more...)

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