Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Teacher’s aide dismissed over professional misconduct

A local teacher’s aide has lost her job in a case of professional misconduct. Brooke Reid was the subject of a disciplinary hearing at the “College of Early Childhood Educators.” in the agreed statement of facts, obtained by CKWS news — Reid admitted to inappropriate behaviour involving students in grades 5 and 6 at Fairfield Elementary School. Newswatch’s Morganne Campbell reports.

Brooke Reid held her job as an educational assistant with the Limestone School Board for less than a year before she was terminated. It was discovered she was communicating inappropriately with grades five and six students at Fairfield Elementary School in Amherstview — while she was employed as a lunch and yard supervisor in May of 2014.

During a disciplinary hearing before the College of Early Childhood Educators it was revealed through an agreed statement of facts that Reid discussed personal details of her sex life with students…. including a graphic sexual encounter she had with a man in her car before coming to work… and also sharing definitions of various sexual activities.

The statement said: “(Reid) requested that the students not inform their parents about the texting.”

While working at the school she also participated in a game of “Truth or Dare”.

“In the game, (Reid) dared students to kiss each other.”

The discipline committee also found that Reid shared stories with the children about her partying, drinking and falling out of the back of a moving truck.  (more...)

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