Thursday, April 6, 2023

The RCMP is gambling with our rights


RCMP Canada surveillance facial recognition spyware predictive policing technocracy fascism totalitarianism

Happy 18th birthday to the very first dragnet surveillance device that the RCMP purchased to spy on the cell phones of people in Canada! 🎂 For nearly 20 years, Canada’s federal police force has been indiscriminately tricking our phones into connecting to their Cell Site Simulators and collecting our device ID and location data – at the very least. 

But, despite the milestone, the RCMP still hasn’t issued a finalized policy on its use, meaning: the RCMP has been gambling with our rights for 18 years. Even though the RCMP spy devices are now old enough to buy a lottery ticket, we can’t leave our rights to a game of chance – police technology in Canada must have accountable and democratic oversight to ensure it's not violating the Charter of Rights and Freedoms...

The secretive and unregulated use of mass surveillance devices like the RCMP’s cell site simulators are just the tip of the iceberg. Law enforcement in Canada has access to an arsenal of unregulated tools: facial recognition technology, spyware, predictive policing, and more.  (more...)

The RCMP is gambling with our rights


Police technology is out of control!

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