Thursday, April 6, 2023

Nazi Skeletons in Finland and Sweden’s Closets


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Finland’s official induction into NATO has been celebrated across the trans Atlantic technocracy-sphere as a victory for democracy and freedom. Jens Stoltenberg gushed to his Finnish counterparts at the inaugural ceremony that: “Finland is safer and NATO is stronger with Finland as an Ally. Your forces are substantial and highly capable, your resilience is second to none and for many years troops from Finland and NATO countries have worked side-by-side as partners. From today, we stand together as Allies.”

But how true are these statements?

While Finland likes to celebrate the fact that their 1941-1944 war with Russia had nothing to do with WWII, but was simply a defensive alliance with Germany against the evil Soviet Union, and while Sweden likes to celebrate the fact that it remained neutral during WWII, the facts tell a very different story.

Not only did both nations play aggressive roles in the war against the Soviet Union during Operation Barbarossa and beyond, but both nations also provided vast loans and other economic support from 1940 until 1945.

On a purely military level, “neutral” Sweden led by King Gustav V and Social Democrat Prime Minister Per Albin Hannson ensured that their territories were made available to the Nazis during the Battle of Narvik in 1940 that resulted in the fall of Norway. When Operation Barbarossa was launched a year later, Germany was permitted to use Swedish territory, rail and communication networks to invade the Soviet Union via Finland. German soldiers and battle equipment were carried from Oslo to Haparanda in Northern Sweden in preparation for assaults on Russia.

On the economic front, 37% of Swedish exports throughout the war went to Germany which included 10 million tons of iron ore per year, as well as the largest production of ball bearings vital for the Nazi war machine which were exported via harbors in Nazi-occupied Norway. The pro-fascist von Rosen family played one of the most instrumental roles in promoting Nazi ideology in Sweden with Eric von Rosen co-founding the National Socialist Party of Sweden and providing access to the upper crust of Swedish nobility to the German high command during the 1920s-1930s.  (more...)

Nazi Skeletons in Finland and Sweden’s Closets

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