Saturday, April 29, 2023

Spot That Nazi!!!


Ukraine Nazi mainstream media indifference normalization Banderites Azov

It’s time once again for everyone’s favorite online game show “Spot That Nazi”, where our contestants try to find the hidden, or not so hidden, Nazi, Banderite, or other associated far far right nutters, self-identifying and photobombing through their ubiquitous NeoNazi tattoos, patches, symbols, flags, shirts, or other regalia, that has become almost a guaranteed prerequisite over the last year in Western MSM photos, vids, and reports on the West-backed Kiev Putsch regime’s military forces in Ukraine.

Our challenge today comes from a recent Reuters report on the Spartan Storm brigade, or SS Brigade (wink wink) one of the 12 new Ukrainian Offensive Guard, or assault brigades, that have been newly and hastily assembled for the Kiev Putsch regime’s much ballyhooed spring offensive.

Reuters interviews the SS brigade stormtrooper "Adolf".

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