Sunday, April 30, 2023

Pro-war propagandists try to shut down all dissent


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Despite near total dominance of the narrative in the media, Canada’s NATO stenographers seem worried. Their reaction to an interview by South Africa’s envoy suggests an understanding that much of the world and many Canadians disagree with them.

In a recent Canadian Press interview South Africa’s High Commissioner to Canada, Rieaz Shaik, criticized Canada’s role in the NATO proxy war. In response to “South Africa envoy urges Ukraine peace talks, says Canada stance on war ‘shocking’”, Andrew Coyne complained that CP interviewed Shaik. The prominent CBC and Globe and Mail commentator tweeted, “not at all clear why CP considers this newsworthy”, which begs the question of why Coyne bothered tweeting about something he considered unnewsworthy. More substantially, CP has published dozens of interviews with US, British, German, Latvian and Polish officials on Ukraine. Why wouldn’t South Africa’s position, especially since it diverges with Ottawa’s, be relevant to Canadians?

An even more irrational response came from the Executive Director of the Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies Kyle Matthews. He complained: “What is shocking is that South Africa’s envoy to Canada is ignoring the UN charter and siding with Russia, the aggressor state.” Yet, the CP quotes Shaik saying, “Let me just say it categorically: South Africa is opposed to the invasion of Ukraine. The violation of the UN Charter is unacceptable to us. The territorial integrity of Ukraine must be maintained.” But for NATO stenographers any deviation from the official line is “siding with Russia”.  (more...)

Pro-war propagandists try to shut down all dissent

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