Saturday, March 14, 2015

Teachers’ bullying scarred us, say student athletes

VICTORIA—Sleep had long since abandoned Montgomery Fraser-Brown by the winter of 2012.

Lying awake at 2 a.m. on a cold December morning, the high school basketball star, then 17, opened his computer and wrote a note to his parents as they slept down the hall in their Victoria home.

“When I lay in my bed all I can think about is images on and off the court seeing friends humiliated and embarrassed,” he wrote. “I know I will struggle with these feelings for a long time.”

More than two years later, it appears he was right.

Fraser-Brown is one of 13 former student athletes at the prestigious St. Michael’s University School (SMUS) in Victoria who alleged in 2012 that several coaches for both the boys and girls teams routinely bullied and intimidated them with demeaning, profane and sometimes vicious insults that many of them — and their parents — say have had lasting repercussions.  (more...)

Are non-academics a gateway to child exploitation and abuse?

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