Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Letter: Creating new generation of sex maniacs?

Parents in Ontario are angry with the new sex curriculum, which contains controversial and misleading information. We feel angry and disappointed that Premier Kathleen Wynne's government is imposing this improper curriculum on our kids without caring or listening to our concerns.

We teach our kids to respect every individual's dignity and be nice to others. School can teach the same thing, but trying to mislead young and innocent kids is not acceptable.

Dr. Kaufman, the head of adolescent medicine at Sick Kids Hospital, has the gall to state that questions about sex shouldn't be left for parents to answer.

In other words, the government is removing the parents from their responsibility of parenting.

The new curriculum teach children about homosexuality and same sex in Grade 3. If you disagree with this policy, the government brands you as homophobic.

In Grade 6, you will be taught how to masturbate and in Grade 7, you will learn all about oral and anal sex.

Are we creating a new generation of sex maniacs and encouraging our youth to be immoral and promiscuous?  (more...)

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