Thursday, March 26, 2015

Abuse lawsuit legislation changes coming, says Strait area survivor

Bob Martin of Port Hood is glad the province is moving ahead with changing legislation
allowing survivors of abuse to sue perpetrators in cases of historic allegations.
SYDNEY — A complainant in the Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh case says he's been told Nova Scotia's justice minister intends to introduce amendments Friday to legislation around the filing of lawsuits against abusers in cases involving historic allegations.

But an MLA who has worked on the file says he hopes all parties will put politics aside and agree to pass a bill Thursday while a large contingent of abuse survivors is present at the house.

Bob Martin and other men who allege that they were abused as youths in the Strait area in the 1970s by Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh spoke out after the provincial Liberal government introduced legislation last fall amending the statute of limitations in filing such an action. While they have said they welcomed that change, they oppose the fact that it did not apply retroactively.

Martin said he was called Wednesday morning by Justice Minister Lena Metlege Diab, who indicated she intends to introduce amendments addressing that concern Friday.  (more...)

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