Friday, March 13, 2015

Special ed cuts to hit most Ontario boards

Parents should be concerned about cutbacks to special education, which many boards across the province are struggling with — including Toronto’s public and Catholic boards — as they look to balance their budgets with less funding from the government for their most vulnerable students, warns the provincial school boards’ association.

“The fact of the matter is we have more identified children with special needs within our system that we are not adequately funded for,” said Michael Barrett, president of the Ontario Public School Boards’ Association and a trustee for the Durham public school board.

“The most vulnerable are the most vulnerable … they are being swept aside.”  (more...)

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  1. Most non-organic "learning disabilities" are, in fact, caused by the teaching methods used in schools. We have no cure for learning disabilities, so once you are identified as having one, you have it forever. The research is clear and has been published. School Boards and Teacher leaders refuse to even consider it.