Thursday, March 26, 2015

Letter: Sex ed curriculum goes too far

Dear Editor,

Premier Kathleen Wynne’s second attempt to bring a new sex-education program to Ontario schools is fraught with error. Only one chosen parent per school was consulted, and the premier has stated that nothing will be changed regarding the program which is to be implemented in September, no matter what parents think or do.  That is neither consultative nor democratic.

Beyond this arrogance, the program itself is flawed.

Young children will be inappropriately exposed to graphic sexual language and concepts. Children in Grade seven will be advised of anal and oral sex, regardless of parental objections for this to be taught at such a young age, and regardless of the documented medical dangers of such practices involving throat cancer and HIV-AIDS.

Children will also be exposed to the pseudo-science of multiple genders, in which they will be exposed to ideas that they may not really be boys or girls, causing much confusion and self doubt.  (more...)

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