Sunday, March 22, 2015

A Cringeworthy Performance by John Downs at RebelMedia

OK. This isn't the first time I've drawn attention to a seeming agenda by John Downs and his like to undermine social conservatives and Catholics. See Catholic lite on fire: John Downs channels Michael Coren and Why is Sun News Belittling Catholic Moral Teaching?

This time he:

  • Maintains an equivalency among vaginal, oral, and anal sex. On just medical, epidemiological grounds this is absurd. The 3 orifices have very different susceptibility to transmission of desease. That doesn't count the differences with regard to giving of the gift of life and abuse of the gift of nature. It's all the same? Sure.
  • Then, he claims that he knows directly those driving resistance to Wynne's sex-ed scheme and assures us that they're indisputably homophobic. That's a brilliant deduction from a guy who can't tell his mouth from his butt.

Why did Sun News, and now RebelMedia, give Downs space to portray conservatism, and Catholicism, as a clown act? Is this yet another underhanded betrayal by the politcal right? Once they've had their use of us, toss us aside? Chrisian Liu deserved a more intelligent presentation, as did Teresa Pierre, Gwen Landoldt, and Alissa Golob (defending Mary Wagner).

Canada today lacks a serious media channel for social conservative ideas. Bill Whatcott was starved out of the country for his honesty and refusal to compromise. Others suffer for lack of support that isn't joined at the hip to right-wing posers who do nothing but exploit us, then cast us off. This blogger has pointed to false opposition and accomodation by the right as a chronic fetter on conservatives. It may mean lean times, but we must find a way to go forward independently of the neos and pseudos. Our message will always be subverted by them, and we risk being corrupted ourselves by living out of their pockets.

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