Saturday, March 21, 2015

Russia, shield your children from deadly falsehoods seeping in from Western colleges and universities

Dear Russian Friend,  

What will be the future of Russia?

Every Russian is concerned about this question, as are people around the world.  Will Russia be prosperous or stagnant?  Growing or dying?  True to her culture or Westernized?  A shining example or corrupt and second-rate?

One thing is certain:  the only future that Russia or any country has is her children.  Whatever affects the minds, hearts and souls of Russia's children today will determine all of her tomorrows.

Millions of us Americans and other Westerners believe in traditional moral values and have good will toward Russia.  We hope that she will allow only what is good to enter from the West, and bar the door against everything bad.

As an educator, a parent and a friend of Russia, I fear for Russia's future.  I fear that diseased ideas will seep in from the West, infect your children, and produce a Russia disfigured by false teachings, immorality, unstable families, and public health nightmares-a great country with a dismal future.  (more...)

H/T to Dr. Judith Reisman

But, it gets worse:

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