Friday, March 27, 2015

Premier Wynne hears directly from parents opposed to the sex education curriculum

Yesterday another protest took place against the sex education curriculum. It was held in front of the Verdi Hospitality Centre located in Mississauga. This was the second event in two days organized by the Home Owners Welfare Association and led by Jotvinder Sodhi. The night before a rally took place at the Peel District School Board and it was followed by a presentation given to the trustees by Mr. Sodhi on behalf of the hundreds of parents present at the school board meeting. The parents want major changes to a curriculum that they believe violates their parental rights.

Why are these normal working parents protesting? First of all. they are frustrated with a government that refuses to listen and implement their concerns. Second, they believe that parts of sex education curriculum are age inappropriate and too explicit. Thirdly, they don't understand why the government never consulted with all parents not just those selected by school administrators to respond to a computer questionnaire.

Premier Wynne came to the Verdi Hospitality Centre to meet with the local media, some community leaders and answer their questions. To her credit, she saw the large crowd and decided to appease them. She and her team came out from the building in an attempt to speak to the crowd of protesting parents standing outside. Around 500 parents were present many holding signs that read, "Say no to the radical sex ed" and chanting,"They are our children, not the government's." However, as soon as the premier began to speak and tell the parents that the new sex education curriculum is needed because it's backed by research, the crowd got very vocal and critical chanting, "Same, shame."  (more...)

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